University of Mumbai Results is one of the top older univeristy in India, its honour to priviliege to lead with great institution and address imminent challenge and to harness and convert opportunity, in order to satisfy our stake holders, its unique to current with university over 56+ departments, and 12+ specilisation centers, 781 affiliate colleges, over 2 main campus, 2 huge sub campus, 2 model colleges and school of engineering and applied science at kalyan university, under jurisdiction from than districct to sindhdurg university, spread thorugh over 600 km, teaches research consultancy and innovate our strong arms to achieve the objective, we strive to nourish them to keep them contemporary, its world class facilitates to create knowledge in the frontier areas of human understands, to mature citizen

University of Mumbai

Master of Social Work (Sem 2) CBCS Exam 2019 Result

Issue dated on 27/12/19

Results Announced



More details Visit: Final Exams Result

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