Approval Tips And Tricks 2020. Approval Just In 12 Hourse Guarantee. 

Hello dear brothers, Adsense is getting very hard these days and many publishers are worried because of this hardness because approval of AdSense is very difficult to get and even if it is found, it is disabled after a few days. Today I will tell you the best alternative of AdSense. The name of this platform is Media.NET. It provides a lot of facilities to the publisher and CPC is also very good if you are also bothered by AdSense and you also have Media.NET. If you want to join, first you have to open Google and then you have to open this website.

 Here you have to submit your website by

 entering url and e-mail etc. and then your website will go pending and you will be approved by your website within 24 hours. Friends, this is done. Submit to the website. How to do it Now also read the Require and Privacy Policy of this platform because it is very important for you to read Media.Net approval requires you to have twenty posts on your website, which is what AdSense demands.Then secondly your website should have fifty to sixty visitors a day. Friends, it is very easy to bring such a small amount of traffic. If you don't know Blogger SEO, then there is an article on our website in which Advanced Blogger SEO settings are mentioned. Friends, if you like the article, follow this website so that whenever I publish an informative article, you will be the first to get the notification. Friends, thank you very much for your cooperation.

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