Black Hat SEO | White Hat SEO | Full Tutorial 2020.

 Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well. Friends, today I will tell you what SEO is and how it benefits the website, and friends, if you are also blogging or If you are thinking of blogging, it is very important for you to know what SEO is.
Friends SEO is of two types.

1. White SEO.
2. Black Hat SEO.

Friends These are the two types of SEO SEO Full Form Search Engine Optimization When we need to show a YouTube channel website or an article on the first page of Google SEO friends SEO any website SEO plays an important role in bringing Google to the first search results. Friends, now I will tell you in detail about both types.

1. White Hat SEO. 

Dude, white hat SEO is that type. For example, when we write an article on our website, we give labels, descriptions, titles, etc. in that article, and we create internal links in the article. Dude, white hat SEO is the same thing. And with the help of this SEO, once it is ranked in Google, it will be ranked first in Google for many years and for many years there will be no difference in the ranking of that website.
Let me tell you in detail about Black Hat SEO

2. Black Hat SEO. 

Dosto Black Hat SEO means to rank anything incorrectly. For example, today a website was created and yesterday that website started appearing in the first search results of Google. Hayden keywords etc. play an important role and friends this SEO is wrong and once your website video or anything will be ranked in google but in a few moments the rank of that thing will be so low that you will get Google fifteen Pages will not be found on your website and you will not be able to re-rank that item in Google for the rest of your life because Google does not own that item. S will put in the spam list. Once a website goes to Google's spam list, it will never rank again.
I would recommend you not to do this kind of SEO. This article was for information only. If you are also blogging or you have a website, you should do white hat SEO. It will take you some time. But later your website will be on the first page in Google for many years.
So friends, today's article is over and if you like the article, follow this website so that whenever I share such information, they will be the first to meet you. Thank you.

Black Hat SEO | White Hat SEO | Full Tutorial 2020.

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